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Brand Story

A legacy of 25 years, Louis Philippe today is the mark of a quintessential gentleman's fashion. At the heart of our culture lies the ethos of excellence. Excellence that demands going beyond boundaries, past achievements and ultimately, exceeding ourselves.

When it comes to fashion, excellence is our style statement; turning our passion for excellence into precision in craftsmanship. From the classic fit to contemporary fashion, our pursuit for excellence ensures a finished product that truly resonates with our philosophy.

Brand Story

Presenting LP Louis Philippe, a collection born of passion. An exciting range of all-occasion wear that combines style, attitude and panache into a collection of stylish shirts, t-shirts, casual and formal trousers, suits, jackets and accessories.

Every LP Louis Philippe product features a number of signature touches, with subtle nuances and singular details that make for a passionate take on fashion. For without passion, there can be no excellence.

LP Louis Philippe is available at leading stores around the country.

Brand Story

Launched in 2007, LP Jeans finds its inspiration in the new age innovators who follow their passion to create, innovate and invent. The Spring Summer '15 denim collection celebrates an endless summer with the aesthetics of tailored fashion in raw, high quality denim fabric. It is sophisticated yet youthful, with utilitarian features.

Brand Story

Luxure is more than a collection of premium wear - it elevates excellence to a fine art. Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, Luxure celebrates craftsmanship, innovation and skill. Crafted from the finest fabric, with meticulous detailing, Luxure is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles. In addition to elegant suits and shirts, the collection also includes exquisite shoes, cufflinks, silk ties and other accessories, along with made-to-measure tailoring services at select stores across the country.

The Label

The Label by Louis Philippe is an e-magazine that chronicles the lifestyle of the truly discerning man of today. With a focus on new and emerging social trends, The Label has sections devoted to fashion, grooming, leisure, gadgets, automobiles, spaces and health and fitness.

The Label serves as a handbook to the enriching lifestyle of the contemporary Indian man.




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